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The photomontage (left) features the 2009-10 lineup – the music is "Little Shears" ("Sherele") from  The Moors Are Here... – download six tracks free (name your price from £0.00 upward)!

Thanks to Lucinda Oakes, Chris Broughton, Lesley Keirle, Julia Phillips, Dale Smith, Andy Maby and others for the pics.

Moorish - the unplugged version of The Moors - play the Anatolian dance tune Tamzara...

The tune is on The Moors' EP Meltdown, released in June 2014, and this version was filmed at the Jenny Lind, Hastings, in March 2014. You can also view other performances on YouTube.

Thanks Eddy Odel for this footage.

Other videos, shot by fans:

At The Stag, August 2012

At the Royal Standard, September 2012

 A collection of the Moors' photos from April 2009 onwards. 

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The venues include the Stag Inn, the Hastings Motor Boat & Yacht Club, the Jenny Lind and the Bohemia Village Fayre.

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