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Porters Wine Bar, Hastings

MOORISH DUO (Ken & Elaine Edwards)
Wednesday 2 December 2015, starting 9:00 pm

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The Moors' 2012 12-track album, titled THE MOORS, is available as a download for just £5 from our Bandcamp site. You can also buy the CD online.

Preview it free first. Listen to the whole album online now

FREE DOWNLOAD Our first recording was a seven-track CD recorded  "live in the studio" in 2009. You can now download six tracks completely free of charge. There are still a few copies of the CD (which contains an extra track) available.

Or buy both these CDs at our gigs.

we're heading for a meltdown!

Meltdown is The Moors'  five-track EP, released in 2014.

Here's the official promotional video, featuring the title track, a topical English klezmer/funk rap, misappropriating the Sex Pistols and David Bowie in its analysis of the economic downturn.

Other tracks are the manic 11/16 dance "Kopanitsa", the beautiful Balkan Gypsy tune "Ederlezi", the 2,000-year-old dance "Tamzará" and the folk medley of "Jota Alistana" (from Western Spain) and "Andro".

Preview the EP in full in the MP3 player below, and download it for £3.

THE MOORS are a band founded in 2009 in Hastings, East Sussex, UK, by Elaine and Ken Edwards. We have played many indoor and outdoor gigs in South East England and beyond.

THE MOORS’ brew includes Balkan music, klezmer, mediaeval Sephardic melodies, Cuban rhythms and folk-rock, combining original compositions and arrangements of traditional music. It's at times raucous, beautiful, manic, trippy. Yes, you can dance to it, and you must.

MOORISH - the unplugged version of The Moors - plays more reflective, traditional music, often without a drummer.

HOT (Hastings Online Times) met The Moors recently.

Try and catch us live if you can. As one happy promoter said: "Their unique combination of technical brilliance with foot-stomping energy always lights up the audience when they play."

And a member of the audience at our 2013 Brighton Fringe gig added: "What an amazing performance. By an incredibly talented band. It was my initiation into the wonderful world of Klezmer, Balkan and... all kinds of gorgeous rhythms and melodies."

To keep up to date with our gigs in 2014, please visit our gigs page.


Elaine Edwards – soprano sax, flute, accordion


Jenny Benwell – fiddle

Richard Butler – guitar

Ken Edwards – bass, vocals

Andy Maby – drums


Previous Moors drummers: Tok Tippayanasa, Tom Alexander
Deputy Moors have included: Chris Hamblin (fiddle), Will Thomson (guitar)


Russell Field - drums

Looking for the (US) Moors? The US-based band called the Moors is not currently active but has a loyal following. Their original and traditional songs combine Celtic, medieval and modern music in an unforgettable electronic and otherworldy setting, drawing on the trance-inducing and consciousness-altering properties of overtones, featuring primal percussion and haunting winds and vocals.